My name is Thomas Pelletier and I have been building cigar box guitars off and on for more than 10 years. I have completed over 70 builds consisting of 4 string CBGs, 3 string basses, 6 string CBGs, ukuleles, and 3 string slides. It’s funny how my passion for building CBGs started. I’ve been playing guitar for a very long time, but eventually, you get to that point when your wife says no more guitars. That is when I came across pictures of cigar box guitars and how they were all different and unique. I thought to myself, I could make one and thus have my very own handmade guitar. Cigar box guitars are not a new invention, CBGs have existed for hundreds of years going back long before the time when musicians could not just go to the corner store and buy the latest model. These instruments had to be made with the items the builder had available. Cigar boxes were the perfect choice for the body of these instruments and were also very easy to come by. While building my first CBG, I knew I was hooked, now I had to tell my wife. Thankfully my very understanding and supportive wife saw the passion I had and gave me the thumbs up to make more. I initially made three cigar box guitars and being a novice builder I wanted to make them as well as I could knowing that I would not keep them all. So I took those three which I call my test group and gave them to three different generations of musicians only asking for feedback. I never would’ve guessed their feedback would be so positive that it would propel me to where I am today.